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Turn Ons:
I like to smile in an erotic dance, to joke. I like men who make me feel special, who pamper me and put me at the height of pleasure. I will humiliate you if you like, I will laugh at you, I will make you feel that you want! You will not regret.
Turn Offs:
Rude and negative people. People that dont like to have fun and play.
Personnal Message:
My name is POPPY BROWN and I'm here to have fun, make new friends, conquer hearts and seduce your mind and body! I am simple, even if the first seems complex! I'm cazy, yes! Most of you are saying it ... I know it! Well crazy is good !! Take the time to understand me, to know me better than other people, and you will enjoy me! I am the real me ... in life, unpredictable, I love making people laugh, I love enjoying my time here and improving your life! It only took me a little while to meet me, but, hey, it could be worth it !! I'm not beautiful ... I don't have an amazing figure or a flat stomach, even with my short legs I will drive you crazy. I am far from being considered a model but ... Hey! I am me!! I eat curves, I have curves, I have more fat than I should, I have scars. Some people love me, some love me and others hate me! I have done well, I have done wrong. I love wearing comfortable clothes and most of the time I run out of makeup. I am random and crazy, but I am also very organized. I love sincere people and I also do anything to keep my words. I hate to pretend that I am someone who I am not who I am, can you love me or not ... I will not change !! And if I love you, I love you with all my heart. I understand, we are all here to have fun letting time pass faster, feel better, overcome frustrations, live a fantasy, talk nonsense. and still enjoy it !! It's about fun and fun! It's not like that? I am the type of person who could disappoint your expectations in a private show! Why? I like to play, dance, entertain, pamper you in any way I can! There are things that I will do just for you to enjoy, things that I know that excite you, make you happy and want more! I like a boy who becomes private to me Who enjoys watching how he has fun, who does not believe that a woman lying on her back and playing with herself is boring.
Cup Size:
f cup
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When online:
during the morning and some days at night
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Age: 20-24 Astro: aries Breast size: f cup Build: normal Ethnicity: hispanic/latin Eye Color: brown Hair Color: black Orientation: bisexual piercing tattoo
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