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2022-07-04 13:18:09




English, Italian
I'm sorry I'm hungry I don't have time to think about sex
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a person who wants to be too dominant and wants from the beginning to speed everything up without giving space to mystery and body art like dancing or seduction just someone who wants to go straight always naked that's not my type
Favorite Position:
I am a yoga practitioner and I have read about tantra, it is difficult to decide I prefer to change and not be in a routine of a position for hours
Personnal Message:
hello to you who read this welcome to my online life my real name is jin I don't know where to begin to describe myself I will do my best I like rum ice cream with raisins it is so magical for me to try it if I had to mix another flavor I would do it with kiwi I I like to spend time here offline I am not very social I spend most of my time at home my goal this 2022 is to start studying I want to open my own business in the future when I retire from the webcam I want to enjoy and make the most of the opportunities to learn about wonderful people of learning and fulfillment of goals I love to dance a little of everything but not reggaeton if you want to know more about me spend time with me in my room I am non-binary I am aware that my body is female but not all the time I feel that way sometimes my attitudes are different men and women that is my personality but it does not affect my sexuality it is more an unintentional form of expression
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Age: 18-19 Ethnicity: asian Eye Color: chestnut Hair Color: chestnut gymnast live orgasm massage oral panties sound chat spanking Weight: under 45 kg / under 100 lbs
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