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2022-04-09 01:28:07


Young women


French, English, German
I am 100% straight but I really enjoy the idea of spending a day with a woman who fully explores me and my feelings
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Body Type:
Turn Ons:
it turns me on to know that they look at me while I give myself pleasure while I moan and let myself go for the moment while your gaze and mine become one followed by seeing you exploring your body.
Turn Offs:
I am not turned on by a man with eagerness who wants to do everything very fast that he wants to take things quickly and does not really enjoy me
Favorite Position:
I enjoy sitting on the throne while he watches my back and firmly touches my breasts he takes me and makes me his while his moans and mine join in a concert of pleasure.
what I want most is to be the sexual object of a man with a lot of money who uses me as he wants me to dominate no matter what way I just want to succumb to his whims and desires.
Personnal Message:
I am a very smiling, extroverted and very active woman. I enjoy the good company of a man with very good energy and a very good attitude that together we explore what excites us and that we do not make our bodies one while we look at each other.
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Age: 18-19 Ethnicity: hispanic/latin Eye Color: chestnut Hair Color: chestnut Height: 160-164 cm / 5 ft 3 in - 5 ft 5 in anal sex armpits boots buttplug closeup exhibitionism fetish female foot gymnast heels leather legs live orgasm massage masturbation moaning muscles oil oral panties pantyhose piercings secretary sex toys shoes shower sound chat squirting submissive tattoo tickling underwear vibrator voyeurism zoom cam Weight: 55-59 kg / 121-130 lbs
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