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2021-05-29 03:40:06


Young women


French, English, Portuguese
I am a woman who likes to experiment new ways of having pleasure, I am very voyeuristic, what gives me most pleasure is to feel the pleasure of the other person, I like boys more than girls, when I am about to have my orgasm I love rough sex.
Body Type:
Turn Ons:
I love having foreplay, being able to see the person who is masturbating with me, my fingers know how to do their job very well as well as my toys, do you want to see how excited I can be? Come and enjoy together;).
Turn Offs:
: I don't like men who are rude to me, who rush me to do something that makes me lose all interest. Remember that you can be rude to me in RPGs.
Favorite Position:
My favorite positions to get an orgasm is when I'm riding because I can handle the rhythm and in doggy style because I love to be grabbed by my hair, around my neck and spanked.
Fetish, BDSM, Deepthroat.roleplay.
Personnal Message:
Im a teen latin girl, love to meet new friends and learn abouth them, im friendly and love to dance also buuut like a latin girl i am wild in bed, wanna know more about me? ¡Come and ask everything what you want to know!
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Age: 25-29 armpits buttplug closeup exhibitionism femdom fetish female foot heels live orgasm masturbation moaning nylon oral panties pantyhose sex toys shoes sound chat stockings strap-on dildo tickling underwear vibrator voyeurism zoom cam
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