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2024-04-23 05:24:04


Young women


English, Italian
I enjoy the company of gentlemen, but I am curious to experience what it would be like to have an intimate relationship with a woman. I’m intrigued to explore new sensations and discover unknown aspects of my own sexuality. The idea of sharing moment
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Turn Ons:
What really excites me is when I get spanked and gently kissed by my breasts, going through every part of my body with tenderness and passion. I especially enjoy when using aromatic oils to intensify the sensations and create an atmosphere of luxury
Turn Offs:
There is nothing more discouraging than to witness people being abused because of their physical appearance or the inequality that exists in our society. It is unacceptable to judge and discriminate against someone on the basis of their external appe
Favorite Position:
My favorite position is at the edge of the bed with a man on top, enjoying the passion and intensity of each shared moment. The feeling of closeness and connection experienced in this position is incomparable, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and d
One of my greatest pleasures is the humiliation and submission that I experience through bondage, even reaching the point of feeling my mouth fill with saliva. The sensation of being completely surrendered and dominated by my partner is exquisitely exciti
Personnal Message:
I understand that you describe yourself as shy but cheerful, and that you like to be open and confident. It is wonderful that you enjoy sensuality and everything that life has to offer. Each of these characteristics makes you unique and special, and it is important that you feel comfortable being who you are. Stay authentic and continue enjoying everything that makes you happy!
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Age: 20-24 Ethnicity: hispanic/latin Eye Color: chestnut Hair Color: black Height: 155-159 cm / 5 ft 1 in - 5 ft 3 in Weight: 60-64 kg / 132-141 lbs
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