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2024-05-27 19:12:06


Young women


English, Italian
I am fascinated by a man who knows how to dominate me completely, although I am not going to deny that I have a weakness for women, maybe in a threesome or maybe her and I alone, I don't know, what do you think?
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Body Type:
Turn Ons:
How delicious it is to taste you inside me, maybe we can start with your fingers while you take my neck, and force me to taste my own juices, or if you spank me until you leave your hands marked on my buttocks, we can try that pink toy that I love so
Turn Offs:
I hate doing dirty shows you know? like ass to mouth or men who insist a lot on things I don't want, also those rude guys I don't go with it at all
Favorite Position:
Mmm it fascinates me how you watch my tits bounce in your face, but maybe in four you have complete control of the thrusts, although if you lift me against the wall I will be happy to moan in your ear, I don't know if they are preferences in a positi
Do you know how delicious it is to watch someone masturbate or have sex? I love to observe and I am not going to deny being observed, I am fascinated by that saliva toy in which you spit my sweet mouth and that saline falls on my breasts, you put your har
Personnal Message:
A shy woman, somewhat inexpressive, but if you know how to gain my trust, you will achieve a whole world by my side. Will you see how I change from heaven to earth, or to hell? haha, I like to play a little, laugh at everything, I enjoy those little moments in life, I won't deny it, I'm a bit naughty but only with those who bring out that side of me, get to know me a little more and you'll see who I can become!
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Age: 18-19 Ethnicity: hispanic/latin Eye Color: chestnut Hair Color: blonde Height: 160-164 cm / 5 ft 3 in - 5 ft 5 in Weight: 55-59 kg / 121-130 lbs
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